[UA-discuss] IDN Implementation Guidelines [RE: Re : And now about phishing...]

Vittorio Bertola vittorio.bertola at open-xchange.com
Fri Apr 21 10:31:22 UTC 2017

> Il 21 aprile 2017 alle 12.15 Edmon Chung <edmon at registry.asia> ha scritto:
>     Starting a separate thread to focus on the IDN Implementation Guidelines Discussion.
>     For the Draft IDN Guidelines you pointed to, please do submit your comments into the still open public comments period (recently extended):
>     https://www.icann.org/public-comments/idn-guidelines-2017-03-03-en
>     To the specific issue of wholescript confusables, there is a further explanation in point 17 why the current recommendation is a "may" rather than a "must"... But if we feel strongly it should move to a must, please do submit your comments in.

As I see it, point 17 is a justification for not blocking the registration of "g00gle.com", i.e. slightly less confusable stuff which can still be easily confused by people, and which looks more like a trademark plagiarism case than like a technical issue with a single letter shape having more than one encoding. But there is really no valid reason why you would want "epic.com" (with Latin "epic") and "еріс.com" (with Cyrillic "еріс") to exist and be assigned to different people, or why you cannot implement the technical standard that was developed exactly to allow computers to detect these cases.

By the way, I would also like to make the point that if these problems are not addressed in the registration phase, every ISP and Internet software developer has to think at how to deal with possible homoglyph attacks, building up a huge cost for the Internet as a whole.



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