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> Hi,
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> > I am certainly in agreement in not living in a fact-free world.  So, I am collecting data on such sites.   I am in the process of setting up a server
> > to monitor 24 x 7 with a homographic domain finder product that we have written. 
> > 

> Is that the homograph finder you had before?  I seem to recall discussing some limitations it had some while ago; have those been fixed?

Yes, it is indeed NaliniHomographFinder(tm).   And, yes, we have made some changes.  As this is a proprietary (not open source) solution, I can only say so much about what we have done.

I will make some of our monitoring available for free.

For example, you may wish to see the following permutations which have already been obtained.  (And, it appears not by Apple)

www.applé.com   www.xn--appl-epa.com   www.xn--appl-epa.com	 
www.applê.com   www.xn--appl-jpa.com    www.xn--appl-jpa.com	 
www.applė.com   www.xn--appl-yva.com   www.xn--appl-yva.com	 
www.applę.com   www.xn--appl-8va.com   www.xn--appl-8va.com

You may look up the domain owner for these domains at:


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