[UA-discuss] Re : And now about phishing...

Andrew Sullivan ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
Sat Apr 22 16:18:48 UTC 2017

On Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 04:37:02PM -0700, Asmus Freytag (c) wrote:
> The average user will rely on the browser putting some kind of "OK" sign
> next to the URL.

Nonsense.  The average user will just click "OK" whatever warning
anyone puts up.  That's why browsers are failing to load more and more
troublesome pages with TLS problems and so on.

The good news, of course, is that probably browsers will do that for
IDNs as well, especially where the registry doesn't publish parsable

The bad news is that we're at least 5 years late :)


Andrew Sullivan
ajs at anvilwalrusden.com

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