[UA-discuss] UASG Response to WordFence IDN Phishing concerns

Vittorio Bertola vittorio.bertola at open-xchange.com
Wed Apr 26 12:37:21 UTC 2017

> Il 26 aprile 2017 alle 11.50 Dusan Stojicevic <dusan at dukes.in.rs> ha scritto:
>     If you want to change agreement with cc’s, in order to address their rules for registration, is not going to be easy task for ICANN, because of the nature of agreements. Some of them are just in the form of „exchange of letters“ and zou know which level of agreement is that.  

I really think that we are spending lots of energies on a non-problem here. If ICANN develops some good best practices/rules and pushes them to the gTLD registries, over which it has full regulatory powers, then these practices will naturally become the reference for everyone and I am sure that most ccTLDs which are affected by the problem will just voluntarily adopt them as well.

Also, most if not all of the potential phishing attempts will be focused on .com domains, because that is where most global businesses and paid services are, so fixing the .com namespace is the first and foremost issue and would already prevent the majority of the risks.

Other big ccTLDs will just follow, and anyway often they disallow the Cyrillic script altogether, as Cyrillic is not used in their country; and the ccTLDs for countries where Cyrillic is a national script have already been dealing with this issue for a long time anyway, so they're possibly well prepared already.



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