[UA-discuss] Email Address Validation service providers?

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Common messages and formats may be more of a comment on Web UI tools rather than email validation routines.

e.g. A file not found error is a common cliché, but the code that detects and generates that message is probably very different.


Also, e-mail validation can fail for different reasons, syntax, valid domain name, existence of the user name in that domain, etc. and failure therefore can be diagnosed at different stages (and therefore by different code sections).



That said, if we assume there is common validate code generating these messages, it might be sufficient to report the errors to each of those web sites. Presumably their developers will identify the failing code and report it to the makers of that code. If this is a commonly used library, then getting reports from 1000 or so of its users will motivate them to fix it. And if in fact it is many different libraries or services, then receiving the bug reports may still motivate them to fix it.


It shouldn’t take much more than an email to each site, saying here is the legitimate email(s) that fail on your site. Please fix it.






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After a review of more than 1,000 websites for acceptance (or not) of email addresses in a variety of forms, the following conclusion is produced:



"We have also noticed that most of the websites are giving error message in the same style. That is to say there are only a few commonly used filtering providers. If these providers can be reached out, than their clients (websites) will automatically become UA ready.”


For those who do development, are there email validation routines or utilities that are commonly used?   If so, where do you go to find them.?




PS: The work done by ICANN’s Global Support Team, based on work that Donuts started several years ago, will be published before the end of this month.  Just putting some prose around the analysis and doing some additional reviews.


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