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Here’s a clarification of the problem statement.
I don’t think I have a position on this that I could have written up in time for the position paper deadline tomorrow.
Suggestions or concerns?

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Ted, What are real world some examples of this?
 Because there is no common facility for varying the resolution method in the URI structure, those naming systems must either mint new URI schemes for each resolution service or infer the resolution method from a reserved name or pattern.
 The most recent example in the IETF came up in the reservation of .onion.  The system envisioned there uses the TOR system for node resolution, rather than the DNS.  Reserving that name was a very long process in which a lot of discussion was needed, and it is clear the model does not scale well.  One other option considered was minting URI schemes like https-tor://tor-node/, but they would need a new scheme for every application wanting to use the resolution (so email, xmpp, etc. would each need to be created and deployed).  Getting deployment of those was seen to be even harder.
I hope this example helps illustrate the problem,


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Subject: FW: Call for Participation: IAB workshop on Explicit Internet Naming Systems

You’ve probably seen this, but just in case…

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For anyone who might be interested, please check the info at the IAB link below.



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Call for Papers


Sun, 25 Jun 2017 04:29:33 -0700


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lisa at unicode.org<mailto:lisa at unicode.org>, Michel SUIGNARD <michel at suignard.com><mailto:michel at suignard.com>

Hi Lisa, Michel,
I mentioned to each of you the workshop that the IAB is planning; the CFP is now out:

I'd be happy for you to circulate it to folks in the Unicode world who might be able to contribute.

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