[UA-discuss] UASG Election Profiles - Vice Chair

Edmon Chung edmon at registry.asia
Sat Mar 11 15:43:00 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

Allow me to add a bit to the disclaimer included in the profiles Don sent as
you consider your votes.

As a self-proclaimed pioneer of IDNs and new gTLDs and having participated
in their development throughout the years, I am passionate about the issue
of UA.  I believe UA is matter of consumer trust.  While our DNS industry
alone cannot solve the issue, we must start here and make sure our works are
UA ready.

In the last 2 years, first helping spark the creation and then serving on
the UASG, besides contributing to the development of the documents we have
produced so far, I have had the chance to speak at many sessions (and/or
organize specific sessions) in China, Hong Kong and other places including
at IGFs and IGF related activities locally, regionally and globally.  UA is
one of the constant messages I try to include when I am speaking.

I believe UASG is at the cusp of igniting much broader awareness of UA.  In
our first 2 years, we have laboured through the development of key documents
that will allow us now to really hit the ground running for advocacy and
awareness in various arenas.

I hope to continue to contribute my knowledge and hands on experience on the
subject matter as well as insights into the areas where we as a group can
best (or less likely to) make UA become a priority for others.

Hope to get your support to continue to contribute to the UASG in this


PS. happy to connect with any and all of you over
skype: edmonchung
fb messenger: http://www.facebook.asia/edmonchung
whatsapp: +852.68218219

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> The ballot papers will go out in the next day or so.
> Don

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