[UA-discuss] Current State of Play - Summary

Andre Schappo A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk
Mon Mar 27 13:54:12 UTC 2017

When I learned of TWNIC's EAI work by listening to the ICANN conference I was definitely please to discover their EAI. At the same time I realised there are (huge) gaps in my UA knowledge. So, I decided to produce a brief summary of what I know. I am mainly considering UA enabled software and systems so UASG does not appear in my summary list even though it is a considerable accomplishment. Please do modify/amend/add to my summary list with your UA knowledge/Insight.

① DataMail - Production EAI system - multi-language
② TWNIC - Production EAI system - Taiwanese
③ Raseel Project, SA - Experimental EAI system - Arabic
④ CNNIC - (I am guessing Experimental EAI system and Chinese)
⑤ MS Outlook 2016 client (Windows only or OSX as well?)


A few months ago I did informally contact some SMTP software developers/vendors and 2 of them did say they were working on upgrading their software to SMTPUTF8 and will be releasing during this year.

...and onto something different

Tomorrow I will be giving a lecture to 2nd year students on digital identities. I will be encompassing UA, UASG, IDNs and EAI during my lecture. Many of you on this list have given such presentations. I will though be emphasising to the students that as future computer professionals it is their responsibility and duty to ensure internationalised digital identities, for people and things, become a reality. It is their responsibility and duty to ensure UA of internationalised digital identities.

André Schappo

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