[UA-discuss] Current State of Play - Summary

Don Hollander don.hollander at icann.org
Mon Mar 27 18:20:40 UTC 2017

Andre, et al…

Here’s my list of folks that are working on this:

EAI Email Providers
•Yandex (Russia)	
•Coremail (China)	
•XgenPlus (India)	
•Throughway (Thailand)	
•OpenFind (Taiwan)	
•Horde (USA)	
•PostFix (Global)

The Taiwan solution is provided by OpenFind.   At the ccNSO meeting earlier this month we heard that registrants of idn.idn had a higher inclination to renew if they had access to an EAI solution.

CNNIC - This may be the Coremail solution. We use Coremail to host our test accounts (uasg004)

Outlook 2016 - at this point just the Windows version.


> On 28/03/2017, at 2:54 AM, Andre Schappo <A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk> wrote:
> When I learned of TWNIC's EAI work by listening to the ICANN conference I was definitely please to discover their EAI. At the same time I realised there are (huge) gaps in my UA knowledge. So, I decided to produce a brief summary of what I know. I am mainly considering UA enabled software and systems so UASG does not appear in my summary list even though it is a considerable accomplishment. Please do modify/amend/add to my summary list with your UA knowledge/Insight.
> ① DataMail - Production EAI system - multi-language
> ② TWNIC - Production EAI system - Taiwanese
> ③ Raseel Project, SA - Experimental EAI system - Arabic
> ④ CNNIC - (I am guessing Experimental EAI system and Chinese)
> ⑤ MS Outlook 2016 client (Windows only or OSX as well?)
> Notes:
> A few months ago I did informally contact some SMTP software developers/vendors and 2 of them did say they were working on upgrading their software to SMTPUTF8 and will be releasing during this year.
> ...and onto something different
> Tomorrow I will be giving a lecture to 2nd year students on digital identities. I will be encompassing UA, UASG, IDNs and EAI during my lecture. Many of you on this list have given such presentations. I will though be emphasising to the students that as future computer professionals it is their responsibility and duty to ensure internationalised digital identities, for people and things, become a reality. It is their responsibility and duty to ensure UA of internationalised digital identities.
> André Schappo

Don Hollander
Universal Acceptance Steering Group
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