[UA-discuss] Supporting EAI in HTML specification

chaals at yandex-team.ru chaals at yandex-team.ru
Wed Mar 29 17:53:55 UTC 2017


we currently have two open issues on the HTML spec related to EAI:

They both deal with the email input type - <input type="email"> which can validate an email address. The current rules for a valdi email address are based on ASCII only, 

https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/538 - allowing IDN support

Our current proposal is to suggest more strongly that values entered or rendered be validated after conversion to punycode, file bugs on browsers since we didn't find any that do this already, and include it in a Proposed Recommendation (we are aiming at about one revision per year) when there are at least two browsers who implement it.

https://github.com/w3c/html/issues/845 - support unicode in the "left hand side" - i.e. username

Before this gets any traction there would need to be clear evidence that there is adoption in enough deployed email infrastructure to justify browsers sending out utf-8 user names with reasonable confidence that they will work.

I welcome input from this group on both those issues - and on making the case with developers, etc, to provide support for both of these…



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