[UA-discuss] revision on EAI update

Jiankang Yao yaojk at cnnic.cn
Thu Mar 30 05:33:18 UTC 2017

thanks for the detailed structure.
some information in this table is not new. for example, Coremail  has already supported commerical EAI product.
we need to confirm each entry before putting into uasg.tech.

Jiankang Yao

From: deepak
Date: 2017-03-30 13:49
To: ua-discuss
Subject: [UA-discuss] revision on EAI update

Hello All,

This can be detailed structure as Global EAI Status and may be it can go online on uasg.tech

CompanyProduct / ServiceClient or Server Commercial AvailableEAI MailBox ProviderProtocol Supported for EAIEAI Mail Exchange Supported (SMTP ) Company / Product Website
MicrosoftOutlook 2016 for WindowsClientYESN/A IMAP,POP3,SMTP

GoogleGMailServerYES NO IMAP,POP3,SMTP,webmail YEShttps://www.gmail.com
AppleIphone Mail clientClientYES N/ANO NOhttps://support.apple.com/mail
BharatSyncEAI mail for IoSClientYES N/A IMAP,SMTP NOhttps://itunes.apple.com/
YandexYandex (Russia) ServerYES NO SMTP,webmail NOhttps://www.yandex.com/
Coremail Coremail (China)ServerNO YESSMTP,webmail NOhttp://mail.chinacnd.com/
Data XgenXgenPlus (India)ServerYES YES IMAP,POP3,SMTP,webmail YEShttps://www.xgenplus.com/  
Throughway  Throughway (Thailand )ServerNO YESSMTP,webmail NOhttps://www.throughwave.co.th/
Saudi Network Information Centre SaudiNic  ServerNO YES N/A NOhttp://www.nic.sa/en/
OpenFindMailCloudServerNOYES SMTP,Webmail NOhttp://www.openfind.com/english/
Horde, LLCHordeClientYES N/A Webmail NOhttps://www.horde.org/
 PostFix PostFixServerYES N/ASMTP YEShttp://www.postfix.org/
SpamjadooSpamjadoo (antispam)ServerYESN/ASMTP, WEBYEShttp://www.spamjadoo.com
EXIM Exim ServerNO NOSMTP YEShttp://www.eximin.net/
Data XgenDatatMail (Android+IOS)ClientYESYES IMAP,SMTP,webmailYEShttps://www.datamail.in/
BharatSyncBharatSync Communicator (Android)ClientYESNO IMAP,POP3,SMTPYEShttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bharatsync.communicator

Deepak Singhal



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