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Tex Texin textexin at xencraft.com
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Congratulations, it looks very good.


However, the first link to UASG.tech is not right. The link is http://www.uasg.tech)/

The paren is a problem. It perhaps also should be https. 


Apologies if it was my edit that broke the link. I recall I cut and paste it when I moved it in one of changes.


In the future, there should be a check of all links prior to release.



A suggestion: in future announcements we should add a last sentence “For more information on this topic or about UASG, or to contact us, please visit www.uasg.tech.”


I know it should be obvious to readers given the prior link in the release, but the call to action makes UASG seem more engaging and reinforces that there is more material of interest on the website.


Separately, the announcement on the site of the webinar on broccoli issues, should give a clue as to what a broccoli issue is. It only needs to be a sentence or two. 









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We’ve just finished the third of our Guest Editorials.  We call it UA103 - Programming Language Hacks.


We’ve designed this (and UA101 & UA102) so that YOU can take them and modify for your local (geographic or professional or industry) community and get them published - either under your name, my name, or anonymously.   (Our preference is to have your name so that it better resonates with your local community)


And this is what it looks like in New Zealand.  https://techblog.nz/1384-Programming-Language-Hacks






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