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On 10/12/2017 5:13 PM, Mark Svancarek via UA-discuss wrote:
> I am having trouble understanding the graphic, sorry.

I continue to get a 404 on this link:

>   * Inbound Cases are complaints, received by UASG people or UASG.tech
>     logging service.
>   * Outbound Cases are escalations, from UASG to the organization
>     called out in an inbound case.
>   * There were 96 escalations, distributed over 46 organizations.
>   * Since 9+17+20 = 46, I assume that an org falls totally into one
>     bucket or another (i.e. doesn’t fix one bug  yet ignore another).
> Did I get that correct?
> In the case of Return & Forwarded, does that indicate that the site 
> acknowledged our escalation, but actually didn’t fix anything yet?
> What are “radar”, “radarview” and “radar-admin”?  Sorry if these were 
> explained before or elsewhere.
> PS:
> Typo on Website #6 “cosed”
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> The latest version of this report has been published 
> https://uasg.tech/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/UASG_Issue-logging_report_UpdatedA4x2.pdf 
> (and attached)
> Background:  Since just after the ICANN meeting in India last year, we 
> have operated, through ICANN’s Global Support team, a facility where 
> people can log a non-UA compliant experience and we then record it and 
> reach out to the relevant website to raise awareness.
> There has been some progress, including a significant regional airline 
> in the United States that has worked to make their systems more UA Ready.
> Thanks again to the ICANN teams- the Global Support Centre for 
> recording the issues and pursuing resolution and the GDD Comms group 
> for preparing the report presentation.
> Don

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