[UA-discuss] Any published programming language & framework reports from UASG0018?

Jim DeLaHunt jfrom.uasg at jdlh.com
Sun Oct 15 02:01:12 UTC 2017

Hello, all:

I am building up a presentation based on UASG0018, /Reviewing 
programming languages and frameworks for //
//compliance with Universal Acceptance good practice/. The note itself 
is good material. I'm also finding UASG0004, /Use Cases for UA Readiness 
Evaluation/, helpful.

What would be really great are some actual published library evaluation 
reports based on UASG0018. I can't find any in the places I'm looking on 
uasg.tech and in my us-discuss email archives. Have any such reports 
been published?  Or, are there any unpublished reports which are solid 
enough technically for me to excerpt from?

Thank you,
       —Jim DeLaHunt, Vancouver, Canada

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