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Dear Friend, I would like to present a situation wherea person- do not know English at all.do know little bit of writing in Tamil languagedo know very well to read Tamil language
can read write and understands all the 0-9 numbers .
While he was using Tamil ID, he complained multiple times as he could not type his email ID very well every time and made mistake most of the time he tried to login.We did innovation there and gave him his mobile number as a login ID and numbers as password. Since than he do not have any complaint.  Obviously his email remained same. With this kind of case and result, do you think its also idea worth exploring in EAI and IDN`s to also map them with numerical ID and this can also eliminate need of UTF related checks on the login webpage. Just a food for though to get negative/positive feedback`s, ideas and suggestions.  I would be also happy to know if we can think the problems may occur and may see roadblocks. Thank you. 

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