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As long as no one makes changes and misrepresents those changes as being sourced from the UASG, we fully expect these slides to be used and adjusted by others in the course of their work.

A lecturer or institution, for example, might want to fit the design into their own templates

We’ve had a couple of comments in the last couple of days, so we’ll get those addressed and then call it done and publish them, as PDF and PPT, on the website.


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Hi all.
As Richard said, this material can be extremely useful - I believe that the understanding of the matter is not so widespread as it should.
Is there any copyright issue about the material? In short, can I forward it freely, and if so what should I mention about ownership (and reference for further updates)?

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First off, this is really great; I can see using this for educational purposes in a corporate setting as well.

Re: the EAI Slides:
I find a little confusion regarding the local part when in Unicode.
On slide 23, there is a reference to both the local part and Domain being Unicode U-labels.  I believe the term U-label is specific to the unicode representation of an IDN label.  The local part is not a label.

On slide 32 there is a recommendation to punycode the local part of EAI addresses.  I think there is consensus that this is not a reliable practice.  I defer to the true experts on this.

Thanks for sharing, Don.


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Attached please find the final draft of the slides decks aimed University and other tertiary lecturers to include in their courses.

We’ll publish these on the UASG.TECH website unless we hear of major issues.

Happy to review again in six months once we’ve had some usage.


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