[UA-discuss] IANA IDN Tables

Andre Schappo A.Schappo at lboro.ac.uk
Tue Feb 27 12:36:05 UTC 2018

> On 25 Feb 2018, at 23:39, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at anvilwalrusden.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sun, Feb 25, 2018 at 11:54:06AM +0000, Andre Schappo wrote:
>> Some observations: I will use Verisignʼs Japanese .コム (transliteration of
>> .com)
>> There is .コム Japanese, which is LDH (ASCII Letters, Digits, Hyphen) +
>> Hiragana + Katakana + a heap of Han
>> There is .コム Hiragana, which is DH + Hiragana
>> There is .コム Katakana, which is DH + Katakana
>> There is .コム Han, which is DH + a heap of Han
> This is because Japanese is written in more than one script.  So to do
> "Japanese" you need to use all of them, but you need the other stuff
> to be correctly handled so that conflicting variants don't arise.
> Those of you who are not familiar with the VIP and root LGR projects
> might want to read that material, which I think is linked (it used to
> be anyway) from the UA pages.

VIP = Variant IDNs Project?

André Schappo

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