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On 31 August 2018 09:59:42 GMT+05:30, Ashish Modi <ashishmodi at xgenplus.com> wrote:
>I am sharing blog a blog which capture all ideas given by everyone on
>Why Should a company adopt IDN.
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>Wow Tex. its like a blog.  I wish to capture all ideas by you and
>others and write a blog on it. that may cover everyone. If someone do
>not with to be mentioned in my blog, please let me know privately.
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>Promotion of IDN and EAI, like I18n and L10n, should be targeted to the
>audience. The arguments that appeal to a CEO can differ from the
>arguments that motivate marketers, developers, etc. (Sometimes they
>The appeal also depends on the stage of globalization maturity that the
>company is at. 
>I would start by asking:
>What experience do they have with i18n/l10n? If they do, which markets
>or languages do they already localize to?
>Do they have global clients or partners pushing them to be more global,
>prospective clients in a new market, or are they just at the tire
>kicking stage?
>Is the CEO asking for personal interest or do they need help motivating
>his/her organization or perhaps his/her board?
>The list of responses that people supplied is good. I especially liked
>the speed dial analogy. 
>To be effective, there should also be a list of counter-arguments, and
>responses to those. (Typically, cost, English is the language of
>business, etc.) If I have time I will create a list, but I can&rsquot
>in the near term .
>My list of the positive arguments is the following. (Many but not all
>were represented in the others&rsquo responses.)
>Partners, Suppliers, Resellers, etc .
>If you have global clients, partners, or affiliates they will require
>you to support EAI or move to a competitor that will .
>If the company is already internationalizing and localizing, being
>UA-ready is a fundamental I18n requirement that should be included in
>product planning. 
>It isn&rsquot difficult or a significant burden over other I18n
>requirements .
>Delaying implementing EAI increases the cost of its eventual
>implementation as it could mean rewriting or re-architecting code that
>is in development now .
>Delaying implementation increases technical debt that will need to be
>resolved at some point .
>Even if the company is not internationalizing its applications, EAI is
>a fundamental requirement. Users may have EAI email addresses when they
>communicate with you. 
>Brand Reputation
>CEOs respond to opportunity and risk, often two sides of the same coin.
>Improving and protecting brand reputation is an example. Supporting
>native language in IDN demonstrates commitment to local markets,
>quality, good customer support. Lack of support puts the brand at risk
>of being perceived as poor quality, hard to use, insensitive to local
>needs .
>Market Opportunity
>CEOs are sensitive to financial and market opportunities. However,
>although native language support is an important factor to capturing a
>market, there are also many other factors that have to be resolved
>simultaneously. (For example, having native language speakers in
>customer support and call centers, native language marketing, social
>media, etc.) Therefore many of the arguments about market size and
>opportunity are not as compelling as most people think, until they are
>made specific to the industry and demographics of the company&rsquos
>particular product space. 
>It is worth providing the market opportunity data, but it will be taken
>with a large grain of salt if it isn&rsquot product specific and
>compared against competitors, etc .
>Local competitors or other global competitors can leverage their
>support for EAI and native languages to take away market share. That is
>a cogent threat .
>User Experience, Customer Satisfaction and Retention
>Users may have pride or feel their status is elevated by having a
>native language and personalized email address or IDN. Employees may
>also take pride in an IDN for their company .
>EAI offers ease of use including entry (typing, handwriting
>recognition, voice), visual and voice recognition, memory recall, and
>easier site navigation .
>Also EAI/IDN makes it easier for users to communicate or transfer IDN
>to each other, since they can speak them or write them out on paper,
>etc .
>EAI may improve SEO .
>An IDN reinforces and protects the localized company and product names
>An IDN may make it easier for users to recognize phishing or other
>malicious variants of the company domain name .
>Registering IDNs can prevent others from infringing on your rights to
>the domain or using it to hurt your brand or trademark or hurt your SEO
>As with other features of I18n, supporting EAI enables more than one
>language. So, initially you may be interested in one market, but you
>automatically get the benefit of access to other markets. Often,
>supporting EAI improves revenue in existing markets, as other language
>speakers within the market increase their business with you .
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