[UA-discuss] Dr. Ajay Data as nominee for UASG.

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Same here

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On Mar 1, 2019, at 11:12 AM, Yuriy Kargapolov <yvk at uanic.net<mailto:yvk at uanic.net>> wrote:

Dear Colleagues,

I completely agree and support the candidacy:

  *   Chairman is Dr. Ajay Data
  *   VC is Dušan Stojičević

They both live and work naturally in an IDN environment. The IDN is they "mother" and first language environment. They understand all the details and nuances of the issue. They see processes that can be hidden from non-IDN carriers.
I would not like to belittle the knowledge of any of my colleagues - respect for everyone - but agree a person who lives and is constantly in an environment of more than 30 scripts is forced to become one of the leaders.

Best regards,
Yuri Kargapolov

Thursday, February 28, 2019, 11:06:15 AM, you wrote:

        Dear Colleagues,

It is with strong fillings that I make this point: really, who is the right person (not the "best person" - the best person might be another individual) to Chair UASG - Universal Acceptance Steering Group. To be precise - Universal Acceptance of IDN Steering Group - were IDN  refer to Internationalized domain names and IDN emails.
Dr Ajay Data invested greatly to know this issue and fit the Chair  - he has done and practically achieved what nobody in the world had done before him - working IDN email. UASG now have large part of its work to push this particular technology in the web. Needless to say that he is not a native English speaker, which obviously gives him right perspective to see and test Universal Acceptance (NON-English by English) issues. He is a hard working ambassador of multilingual India - second most populated non-ascii country in the world. Might we remember, the fact is, that before his company first launched IDN email, general approach of the UASG were that "it will be done some time in the future - who knows when".
As part of the process (as NEW IDN GTLg Registry and IDN email pioneers in Russia) I really afraid if Dr. Ajay Data, for any reason, won't take this position of Chairing UASG.

Very respectfully,
Alexei Sozonov

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