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Fri Mar 1 10:47:43 UTC 2019

Excellent Points Tex.. Probably, we can discuss this document during our meeting, or if we have time Don, or may be create a small group of people who have commented on the document and get a usable document from that team. Thanks. 

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From: "Tex"   MailId : [89191833]To: "Don Hollander" ,Subject: Re: [UA-discuss] Document Review: UASG011 Frequently Asked QuestionsDate: 01 Mar 2019 05:46:04 AM 

Don, thanks for asking .
I think we can do much better than that document .
Besides being redundant in several places, it asks questions which it then does not answer. For example, it asks about disadvantages and then offers advantages .
It uses UA-ready without defining it .
It often talks about expanding the internet, which I think for most readers is  of no consequence (not my job) .
On the other hand it buries the more significant argument which is the enablement of users that are not English or ASCII literate .
It is also rather geeky in describing UA as a &ldquotechnical compliance process&rdquo, rather than using more approachable language .
Asking about which companies are UA-ready seems inappropriate since the large companies mentioned will almost never be fully UA-ready, as they have so many applications .
It would be better to identify software systems they offer that we can say are UA-ready. 
We should use links everywhere we mention a document rather than pointing at the containing directory .
Rather than listing companies that are members, we should have a link to the list of members. That way the document doesn&rsquot need to be updated as the list changes and it might encourage others to join .
So fwiw, I would replace the faq with something like the attached. I tried to be more direct, more approachable, and have more compelling arguments .
The contents I removed, I did so intentionally. (Apologies if I removed someone&rsquos favorite item.)
Feel free to disagree or dismiss outright .
It might benefit from a few statistics &ndash eg number of TLDs in each language or script, and some examples of important cases. (China, India, etc. with large markets, etc.)
I hope that helps .

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We have this FAQ published at https://uasg.tech/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/UASG011-160823-en-faq-digital.pdf
I&rsquod very much welcome comments from the community about this &ndash whether you think it&rsquos fine as it is or whether things have progressed since we last updated this in 2016 or whether there are fresh questions that should be included .
If you need a deadline, let&rsquos aim for the 5th of March .
Don Hollander
Secretary General &ndash UASG
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