[UA-discuss] Additional material for the Kobe UASG Workshop

Dr. Ajay DATA ajay at data.in
Tue Mar 5 03:14:07 UTC 2019

Excellent summary report Don. Thank you.

I have two few small suggestions and one query ?

Universal Acceptance at 
ICANN64 in Kobe : In this section as Additional information,  We may add John's two sessions in tech day, ISPCP event and some of  the IDN / EAI related sessions,   that will  be great as these sessions will be interesting for our community..

We have a mention that "till middle of February there were 435 
subscribers to the UA-Discuss list from at least 195 different organisations and 32 countries."  It would be great if we have updated number as on March 1st and I was wondering how do we get countries , based on ccTLD subscribers or domain registeration.



On March 5, 2019 5:14:48 AM GMT+05:30, Don Hollander <don.hollander at icann.org> wrote:
>Attached please find some additional material, including notes from
>previous minutes, presentation decks, and papers for discussion.
>As soon as we are advised of the remote participation credentials we'll
>share them to this list.
>Don Hollander
>Secretary General - UASG
>Skype: Don_Hollander

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