[UA-discuss] IT Voice Covered Rajmail Staudy "RajMail: An Ambition towards Linguistic Parity"

Dr. Ajay DATA ajay at data.in
Thu Mar 7 13:50:02 UTC 2019

Thank you Tarun ji. This is the kind of work required to spread UASG initiatives. Really appreciate it.

Today I was attending Leadership Academy Program in Kobe, an opportunity provided by ICANN to make better leaders in respect to ICANN. It was attended by board members, representatives from so/ac and other stake holders groups. 

One important thing we learnt that while working in groups is to be cautious about "supporting the issue" NOT the "relationship" , and I always believed in this aspect all my life.

While voting and selecting your Chair candidate, please think about the cause/issue, and select the candidate accordingly , not because of any other reason.

I hope you have cast your vote, if not yet, cast your vote now and have your voice heard.

Best wishes.

Dr. Ajay Data

On March 7, 2019 9:58:54 PM GMT+09:00, Tarun Taunk <ceo at itvoice.in> wrote:
>IT Voice proud to share the RajMail case study.-
> "RajMail: An Ambition towards Linguistic Parity"
>Please find the link
>*Tarun Taunk*
>*IT Voice Media Pvt. Ltd.+91-9829254111*
>*http://www.itvoice.in <http://www.itvoice.in>*

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