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ajaay at data.in ajaay at data.in
Wed Mar 20 15:31:53 UTC 2019

Thank you Steve. Appreciate your kind words 

Would be great to get on a call and understand how you can contribute more in UA mission. I am on Skype : ajaykummar 

This UA is OUR joint mission, should be everyones priority, and we all need to work together to do our bit.

Talk to you soon.


Ajay Data

On March 20, 2019 6:51:06 PM GMT+05:30, Steve Bens <stevejobsietf at protonmail.com> wrote:
>Je vous félicite - congratulations dr. Data
>I could not meet you in person during icann but i heard your excellent
>presentation. you explained universal acceptance well. non-native
>english speaker understood it well.
>I would try to participate more in future.
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>On Friday, 15 March 2019 17:03, Dr. Ajay Data <ajay at data.in> wrote:
>> Thank you for participating in the Universal Acceptance Mission.
>> My special Congratulations to our newly elected Vice Chairs Mark,
>Dusan and Dennis to take up the step forward for UASG Charter.
>> We shall be always greatful to the founding team of UASG and Ram
>Mohan's leadership which has done wonderful work to provide us a
>platform to achieve new goals. Thank you Ram, Edmon, Richard, Mark for
>giving us such a strong foundation and important platform. I said to
>Ram, you have provided the "run way" for us, we shall try to "take off"
>the flight.
>> Efforts by Don, John, Lars, Christian, Yao and Ambassadors have not
>gone unnoticed in my few years of experience in UASG and good
>foundation work has been done. We wish to monitor and review them time
>to time.
>> I believe that UASG election is not about winning and losing
>elections, it's about working together where community provides the
>strength to the Charter and selects one chair and three vice chairs to
>uphold the charter to solve the important problem globally.
>> We believe that you will keep participating in the UA issues, keep
>guiding us, keep giving us new ideas, keep pointing us for the mistake
>if any, and we shall work together to solve this important problem and
>bring billions of people online.
>> We wish to engage, communicate, participate to spread awareness and
>We shall do whatever is required for UA mission. I shall try my best.
>> Thank you UASG members for showing confidence in me. Thank you ICANN
>for your support. I am humbled.
>> With your support , We can and We shall.
>> Thank you.
>> Dr. Ajay Data
>> Chair
>> Universal Acceptance Steering Group
>> --
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