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Last week I shared below piece of information with newly appointed
Administrative Group but look like I am just overhear. So sharing again
with all in community. Also beside all other points startlingly inspite
knowing the fact that the terms of earlier appointed UA Ambassadors is
already over even before ICANN64 still no pronouncement were been made for
new UA ambassadors during ICANN64 or later. I am surprised don’t we have
nominations or interest submitted by peoples around the world during last
one year who can be considered.

Cheers !!!!


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> Hello
> Prodigious meeting all again during ICANN and enthusiastic to see the
> focus of universal acceptance universally in all groups in Kobe and also in
> Further down are my observations on UASG in ICANN64 which i giving you all
> as food for thoughts.
>    - Universal acceptance group exertions are now building shape.
>    - Ram with administrative group members have put a strong foundation
>    and given strong beliefs for UASG among all already.
>    - Community have lots of expectations from newly elected Chair and
>    vice chairs.
>    - Issues raised for Universal acceptance program during public forums
>    were disastrous yet new administrative group must seriously address it.
>    - It’s fortunate that term for earlier elected UA Ambassadors is
>    already over few month back so they must be quickly dropped to preserve
>    civic credence.
>    - We already have few newly elected UA Ambassadors now in team to take
>    over and if we have pending applications they must be given chance quickly.
>    - As per UASG community update counties to be precise China, UAE,
>    India and Russia should we key focus areas so we should have new faces as
>    UA Ambassadors in this region who can deliver UASG mission.
>    - Persons vetoed by community should be kept away from any auxiliary
>    selections. Earlier we heard a lot for Mr. Modi as Indian Prime minister
>    and now in ICANN for a UA Ambassadors, terrible and sad for UASG. We should
>    not show any nepotism towards anyone.
>    - UASG available documents must be reviewed and updated to help
>    community members
>    - Short training modules and crash courses material must be soon
>    updated on UASG.tech so that same can be used by institutions to educate
>    for Universal acceptance program.
>    - UA ready certifications for applications and website must be quickly
>    planned and implemented.
>    - Community have lots of expectations from Universal acceptance group
>    so we should move with a structured plan to deliver speedily.
> Cheers !!!!
> Patrick
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