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Dear Mark,
This brings another topic to my mind.
Just for curiosity, do you know what is the situation in the code tables for the characters that in some languages that use the “latin” script are the combination of two separate characters - a bit like the "scharfes S” that you talk about?
I am thinking, for instance, about the “rr” or “ll” (that in spanish are different from two consecutive “l” or “r”), or the “ij” (that in dutch is not an “i” followed by a “j”, although it is written that way).

On 24.11.2019, at 04:22, Mark W. Datysgeld <mark at governanceprimer.com<mailto:mark at governanceprimer.com>> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I exchanged a few messages with Lars earlier this year, and would like to present below some points he raised that should be useful both for the IGF next week and looking towards ICANN meeting C next year, being tailored towards German stakeholders. In my view, we can aim to always try gathering such regional insights moving forward to optimize our engagement.

Special characters: Eszett (ß) and Umlaut (ü) have fallback options by default:

  *   Eszett becomes "ss".
  *   Capital Eszett (ẞ) has only recently been introduced officially to the language, meaning that anything in capital letters used to be written using "SS" even on the press.
  *   Umlaut characters (ä, ö, ü) become "ae", "oe", "ue".


  *   Fallback: the popular cityTLD for "Köln" is run under ".koeln" and ".cologne" to avoid the Umlaut.
  *   ".berlin" is a popular gTLD and is in active use for varied purposes, including local businesses.
  *   Other relevant gTLDs: ".hamburg", ".bayern", ".ruhr", ".nrw" and ".saarland".

Hopefully this can help us engage better. Safe journeys to all of those traveling to the IGF!


Mark W. Datysgeld from Governance Primer [www.markwd.website<http://www.markwd.website/>]
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