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Since we were talking about Latin script, my opinion is that there are no variants except for ß/ss. In some cases it's just something written wrong (like pao instead of pão, which means bread in Portuguese) in order to accommodate ASCII-only systems or traditions, and in some cases two different words like pé (foot) and pê (letter P). 

So, what it really happens is visual similarity, and to the extent possible, policies preventing that are welcome but not mandatory, and when they exist, they might exist in a variety of scopes. For instance, in .br there is such a policy prevent both accent versions and hyphens. 

What I don't see a need, different from ICANN IDN Framework for gTLDs, is to control the whole lifecycle of the domain. Preventing domain creating is all that is needed IMHO. 

There is currently an scoping effort in both GNSO and ccNSO, and those efforts might trigger PDPs in both SOs to deal with the subject. Stay tuned... 


> On 25 Nov 2019, at 05:05, Mark Svancarek (CELA) <marksv at microsoft.com> wrote:
> Rubens, what is your opinion regarding variants policy?  Should registrants be obliged to register all variants at the 2nd level to avoid confusion?
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> I see Rubens might have a vested interest in this one. :D
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> Hello everyone,
> I exchanged a few messages with Lars earlier this year, and would like to present below some points he raised that should be useful both for the IGF next week and looking towards ICANN meeting C next year, being tailored towards German stakeholders. In my view, we can aim to always try gathering such regional insights moving forward to optimize our engagement.
> Special characters: Eszett (ß) and Umlaut (ü) have fallback options by default:
> Eszett becomes "ss".
> Capital Eszett (ẞ) has only recently been introduced officially to the language, meaning that anything in capital letters used to be written using "SS" even on the press.
> Umlaut characters (ä, ö, ü) become "ae", "oe", "ue".
> Long live the Umlaut!
> Rubens Kühl

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