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The notes, recordings and transcripts for CCWG Accountability WS2 SO/AC Accountability Subgroup Meeting #4 – 25

August 2016 will be available here: https://community.icann.org/x/OA6sAw

A copy of the notes may be found below.

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Farzaneh - Review of what was discussed on last call - one was the problem statement so that the groups is clear as to what is being worked, include to
whom the SO/AC is accountable to.  Changes and updates and notes in the Google doc.
Steve - review of the changes made to the draft document to include comments that have been submitted on the list..  Added a new table on the organizational
reviews the covers details from the AoC and bylaws.
Discussion - Kavouss raised concern with SO/AC accountability and what is being addressed by the group. Response the new table shows the SO/ACs
and to whom they are accountable.  Every 5 yrs every SO/AC with the exception of the GAC must undergo a reivew according to the bylaws, this has been
required for 16 yrs.  Looking at accountability and to whom the group is accountable, not just the executive team.  Accountable to the concept of Users..  Questioned
the use of the term accountability, as no problem with the use of the term review as its important to improve, but improvement is not accountability.
Greg - Question raised who decides who the SO/Acs are accountable to?   Need to figure out what the accountability vectors are.
Farzaneh - Pointed noted the text in the draft Google.doc that covers to whom the SO/ACs are accountable.
Steve - certainly within scope to furthe3r fresh out the terms and what they mean - effectiveness and accountable.  Suggested some ways - can look at
participation diversity, group accessible, esp. to newcomers, interest and decisions made ex. was the decision truly representative of those who did not
show up.. Reviews have not defined effectiveness and accountability and it might be useful to define these terms for the bylaws.
Alan - Bylaws say review should verify if the organization is accountability to its stakeholders, words added in the new bylaws.   Need to make sure that reviews
in the future include accountability.  Ground rules are different depending on the SO/AC, GAC construct different that other SO/ACs as they are not accountable
to every government.  Need to be aware that each group may be different when  considering accountability and to whom.  Accountable to the global group is new..
Each group is responsible for being accountable for specific interests.
Cheryl - noted the first ALAC review looked at the structure of the organization and balanced of representation by 15 person group, based on regional
representation.  Also looked at activities - structure of community, regional organizations, and Council representatives.
Note proposal by Mathew in chat - perhaps we can look at this more linearly - what do we mean by accountability, how do the existing SOs and ACs address
accountability, how through the various reviews has this changed over time, etc.
Proposal - to highlight areas in document for comments.
Steve - word effectiveness has been part of bylaws for sometime, but not defined.  Use of the term appears to be in the context that the word was used
and bu the specific SO/AC that it was noted..  Ex look at how effectiveness was used for/by GNSO in its reviews.  May also look at accountability
Alan - may need to add disclaimer to document as need to be clear as to how using the term accountable as it may not be the same for each
SO/AC.  Need to define what we mean by it to move ahead.
Farzaneh - For effectiveness, considered measuring two items., representation  and outreach
Noted chat from Matthew Shears: we then need an accepted set of criteria that could be used to measure accountability of the SOs and ACs - appropriately
tailored to the ICANN space - we are jumping the gun by having discussions of representation.  such a topic has to be measured against something
and the AC/SOs performance  - but we need criteria first
Google doc for editing and contributions is located at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WTRZZJ9B3Q6BHP6AlDHmoiep8NeshNpomBNM4bBXYpA/edit?ts=57ba7a43

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