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Thu Sep 8 15:12:16 UTC 2016

Hi Christopher,

The MSSI Staff send out (and did send out for this call) calander invites
directly to everyone listed as Member / Active Participants in this Sub
Team I ran through the list in that invite and note you are not listed in
that, so perhaps that is why you did not get notice until we sent out our
Agenda pre meeting  (which we send to the full mailing list including
Observer  as we welcome all to attend our calls regardless of 'nominated
status')  and yes this seems to be a confusion in all our groups...

Perhaps you wish to ensure you are listed as a Participant and not Observer
by contacting MSSI staf directly

On 9 Sep 2016 00:40, "CW Mail" <mail at christopherwilkinson.eu> wrote:

Well, in certain respects this schedule is becoming rather unmanageable.

So, there was, apparently an SO/AC accountability call at 03.00 UTC
thismorning, for which the first notice received was from CLO at 01.00 UTC

Naturally, I did not participate. -Apologies.


On 08 Sep 2016, at 02:55, Cheryl Langdon-Orr <langdonorr at gmail.com> wrote:

Hello everyone,

Here is our agenda for today's call.

Meeting #
 of the
Work Stream 2 DT on the topic on ACSO Accountability. (Ws2-ac_so)

0. Call Admin and Roll Call / Apologies (2min-

1. Welcome - Opening Remarks  (3min-

2. Review (brief) of last call #
 and any Action Items / Business Arising (5 min- SDB, FB)

3. Discussion
​ -35​

   - ​
   What are the current
   ​SO ​
   s accountability mechanisms
   ​ ​
   ( group discussion)
   - ​Possible Formal Request  or List of Questions to go to the Leadership
      of each SO / AC - a proposal to the CCWG Plenary next week?​

      - How do we interpret the  "working plan" for enhancing
   - The new bylaws on SOAC Accountability

.  AOB / Next Meeting (5min)

*Please join the Work Stream 2 - SO/AC Accountability Subgroup Meeting #​6​*
* on Thursday, ​8​** September*
*@ ​0300** UTC*.
Additional time zone support *here <http://timeanddate.com/s/328k>*

Link to Adobe Connect: *https://icann.adobeconnect.com/mssi-projects*
<https://icann.adobeconnect.com/mssi-projects> Mobile:
*tel://1-719-867-0497,*,,5263384535#* <//1-719-867-0497,*,,5263384535/>
Upon logging into Adobe Connect, a pop up window will provide you the
option to *Dial Out* to your Phone.
Enter your Phone Number* (Remember to change the Country Code if needed).
After joining the call, as a courtesy to others and the presenters, please
*MUTE* your phone.
This can be done by selecting *6 on your keypad. To *UNMUTE* select *6
If you are *unable* to log into Adobe Connect and can *only* join via phone:
List of International Dial-In Numbers: *View dial-in numbers*
 Participant Passcode: 526 338 4535

*Cheryl Langdon-O**rr ...  *(CLO)

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