[Ws2-so_ac] Our Proposed Agenda for Meeting #27 on Thursday, 3rd August @ 19:00 UTC.

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Thu Aug 3 02:28:29 UTC 2017

*Please join the Work Stream 2 - SO/AC Accountability Subgroup Meeting #27
on Thursday, 3rd August @ 19:00 UTC.*

CALL DETAILS: Link to Adobe Connect: https://participate.i
cann.org/mssi-projects  <https://participate.icann.org/mssi-projects>

Mobile: tel://1-712-770-4218*,,2731447485#
Upon logging into Adobe Connect, a pop up window will provide you the
option to Dial Out to your Phone. Enter your Phone Number* (Remember to
change the Country Code if needed).

After joining the call, as a courtesy to others and the presenters, please
MUTE your phone.
This can be done by selecting *6 on your keypad. To UNMUTE select *6 again.

*​Agenda *

0. Call Admin and Roll Call / Apologies (2min-
 )  Apologies

1. Welcome - Opening Remarks - Our aim and purpose for today's call (3-5

2. Review (brief) of last meeting  records here and any Action Items (5-10
min- SDB, CLO)
Refer here to  our Google Doc and any list interaction on changes to draft
text. Google Doc version is available here

3. Primary Agenda Item - Discussion
​ -35​
 min SDB, FB)

   - Continue Review Public Comment documentation, and  consideration of
   any amendments to our recommendations, from our last call and intersession
   list exchanges. Starting point for today can be text regarding Open and
   Closed Meetings.

   - Continue development of options for our FINAL Recommendation text
   edits or changes and then publish a report on results of the public
   consultation. To be inline with current timeline and milestone dates for
   WS2 project *completion* by end June 2018.  <display new timeline slide BT>

.  Next Steps. (5 min- CLO, SB)

   - - CCWG still need to determine if any changes to our report are
   significant or not.
   - If significant changes are recommended, CCWG-Accountability WS2 may
   require a second public consultation.
   - If changes are not significant, CCWG-Accountability WS2 can forward
   final recommendations to Chartering Organizations for approval, and then to
   the ICANN Board for consideration and adoption. Noting the timeline and Key
   milestone dates.

5.  AOB / Meeting Schedule (5 min- CLO)
August Dates:
Thursday 10th @ 0500 UTC
Thursday 17th @ 1300 UTC
Thursday 24th @ 1900 UTC
Thursday 31st @ 0500 UTC​


*Cheryl Langdon-O**rr ...  *(CLO)

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