[Ws2-so_ac] Notes, recordings and transcript for SOAC Subgroup Meeting # 21 | 16 February 2017

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The notes, recordings and transcripts for CCWG Accountability WS2 SO/AC Subgroup Meeting #21 – 16 February 2017 will be available here:   https://community.icann.org/x/ApTRAw

 A copy of the notes may be found below.

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Notes (including relevant parts of chat)
14 participants at start of call
0.  Call Administration
Steve DelBianco: No updates to SOIs. No phone only.
1. Review of any AI's from call #20 on February 9th
• see https://community.icann.org/x/XI3RAw
Farzaneh Badii: Review of the 3 aspects from last call.
2. Any Updates:
Steve DelBianco: Thanks for FB and TT for their drafting.
3. Discussion, current DRAFT documentations readings and review.
       a) Data Capture documentation of input materials from SOAC's
•            Here is the link to google doc : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1O8giARUBR2qPNED7c-XbWVSZmtCbqE0HsXb5MPPhG5E/edit?usp=sharing[docs.google.com]
Steve DelBianco: Go to pages 13 to 16 of the document. Expect members of SOACs to comment. The GAC section has yet to be filled in and are looking forward to assistance from them to complete this. Also, missing responses from the gNSO registrars and registries and looking for assistance for outreach for this. Action Item - TR to facilitate outreach.
Kavouss Arasteh: What is being requested of the GAC - the existing operating principles are in effect - and revisions are being considered.
Steve DelBianco: The GAC OP are will not provide enough material to meet the requirements of our report. discussion of processes and report.
Kavouss Arasteh: Does GAC still have to supply information to this group.
Steve DelBianco: We will be cleaning up this document in the next few days - once this is done we would appreciate you read the GAC sections and propose edits as necessary. what are the dates for getting a first reading by the plenary.
Bernard Turcotte: Missed the deadline for 22 February meeting. If there is a meeting on 1 March the due date is 22 February. If not the next meeting is the face to face on 10 March - for a first reading for that meeting it would be required for 3 March 23:59 UTC. The next meeting after Copenhagen is currently scheduled for 29 March requiring document for 22 March 23:59 UTC.
Steve DelBianco: If we want to move to a first reading we have to combine the three documents together and would ask everyone to please read the documents prior to the meetings to be ready for discussions. Any objections to consolidating the documents.
matthew shears: Wondering if there is value in adding an executive summary or concluding section that summarizes the recommendations?
Farzaneh Badii: yes Matt. that's a good idea and I think there is a template for that
Steve DelBianco: Thanks to MS for volunteering to draft the exec summary.
matthew shears: will do
Sebastien Bachollet: As rapporteur for the Ombudsman team would ask if there are any links from this group to our group?
Steve DelBianco:  IRP and challenging election etc decisions within SOACs or sub-groups. FB and I will prepare a first draft of the document and hope all will read it before the next meeting on the 23rd so all can be prepared to discuss.
4. Next Meeting and future Meeting schedule
      •     23 February @ 05:00 UTC
      •     02 March @ 05:00 UTC
      •     Other dates and times arranged by staff TBC
5. AOB and review of any AI's.

Documents Presented

·         SOAC Data Capture and Reccs<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/64066562/SOACDataCaptureandreccs%20%281%29.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1487250690000&api=v2>

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