Re: [lac-discuss-en] NETmundial - Important

Dear José,

thank you for your kind email.
As you correctly say, the Cross Community Working Group on Internet
Governance has submitted a document to NetMundial. During the public
session of the Working Group with the community, the audience suggested
that we send the document out for a public comment. This was agreed by
the group. The only problem is that a formal public comment period is
minimum 21 days initial comment period and 21 days reply comment period
= 42 days.... and Netmundial was less than 30 days away!!! The working
group was not allowed to make the comment period shorter.

Some members of the working group reminded us that NetMundial is not the
start and the end of the discussion. There will be other meetings on
Internet Governance after NetMundial, so it was decided by the working
group members that it should launch an ICANN-wide formal public comment
and that working group members could use the input received to expand on
any points during NetMundial and could also use the information after
NetMundial for future meetings.

That said, it also looks like many cross community working group members
are going to NetMundial to defend their own point of view, as a member
of their community or sometimes as a member of their company or
organisation, independently from the working group.

I will be going to São Paulo and frankly, I do not know what hat I need
to wear. Do I need to wear the hat of the coordinator of the cross
community working group? Do I need to wear the ALAC Chair hat?
There will also be many members of At-Large at NetMundial and
specifically several members from LACRALO. I will look forward to
meeting with them and to coordinate the points that we want to defend
together. Our community have local ALSes and several members who are
very experienced in Internet Governance - I hope we can make use of them.

Kind regards,


On 19/04/2014 15:41, josefranciscoarce@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
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