[lac-discuss-en] Requirements for ALAC members

Dear all
Since nominations are in progress for the re-voting for the LACRALO nominee
to the ALAC, I thought it might be useful to post the requirements per the

1.2 Nominees for membership in the At-Large Advisory Committee, as well as
those seeking positions as an ALAC Liaison or Appointee, should be
accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, sound judgment and
intelligence who have:
a) A commitment to ICANN's mission and its core values as expressed in the
ICANN Bylaws;
b) An understanding of the potential impact of ICANN decisions on the
global Internetusing community, and the Internet end-user community in
c) An understanding of the Domain Name System (DNS) and the basics of IP
addressing. This is not to say that candidates should be technical DNS
experts, but a minimal understanding of the DNS is needed to effectively
function on the ALAC. For example, candidates for the ALAC should know the
answer to a question such as "Do you know what happens in the DNS when you
send an email, or access a webpage?" This requires an understanding of the
general process of name resolution.
d) Demonstrated capacity for thoughtful group decision-making and sound
judgment, and a track record of working to build consensus with a diverse
set of interests working together on complex policy issues.
e) The ability to effectively chair meetings and provide leadership and
support for work teams or committees.
f) A willingness to serve as a volunteer, without compensation other than
the reimbursement of certain expenses.
g) In accordance with the recent ALAC review recommendations as adopted by
the ICANN Board, members of ALAC must have proficiency in written and
spoken English to allow the committee to function effectively and to allow
ALAC Members to interact effectively within the overall ICANN environment.