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List Description
ABR Submission of ABR requests, reports, etc.
ABR-Reports ABR Reports
AddressValidation-RFI mailing list to administer the RFI
Afralo-icann80-pc [no description available]
AFRALO-Individual-Members AFRALO Individual Members
AFRALOGA2023 AFRALO General Assembly Travelers
Africa.DNS.Study.2022-RFP [no description available]
Alac-only [no description available]
ALS-Mob-WP ALS Mobilization Working Party
APAC-EAI-IG Email Address Internationalized Implementer Group in APAC Region (APAC-EAI-IG)
Apralo-policy APRALO Policy Forum
Arab Mailing list for GAC members from Arab region
Aswgcall [no description available]
Atlasiii-reporting [no description available]
ATRT3-implementation-shepherds ATRT3 Implementation Shepherds
bc-communications Business Constituency Communications Committee mailing list
bc-finance Mailing list to track the BC's Finance work for transparency and historical memory
bc-onboarding ICANN Learn & Onboarding Committee
bc-policy A Business Constituency list for policy work only
BC-Recommendations Recommendations Working Group
Cbwg-icann-learn CBWG ICANN Learn Policy Development Course Team
Cbwg-slide-deck CBWG ICANN At-Large Onboarding Slide Deck Team
Cbwg-webinars CBWG Webinars Team
Ccnso-applications-test-30sep21 [no description available]
Ccnso-tldops-security The ICANN TLD Ops group has several goals, one of the most important of these is the distribution of details around ongoing security threats or current incidents to benefit all its members.
ccNSO-UACommittee the mailing list for the ccNSO Universal Acceptance Committee
ccNSOReview-RFP Mailing list to administer the ccNSO Review RFP
Ccpdp-rm [no description available]
CCPDP4-DES-SG Subgroup of the ccPDP4 IDN working group
ccPDP4-IDNWG Mailing list for the 4th ccNSO PDP on (de-)selection of IDN ccTLD Strings
CEO-Search-Recruiting-Services-RFP Mailing list to administer the CEO Search Recruiting Services RFP
cip-ccg List of participants from the organization and community for the Continuous Improvement Program project.
Community-Finance Community Engagement in the Finance Process
Community-gtld-change-requests-comments [no description available]
Compliance.Audit.Services-RFI Mailing List to administer the Compliance Audit Services RFI
Compliance.Audit.Services-RFP Mailing list to administer the Compliance Audit Services RFP
dach An email list for the German, Austrian and Swiss Internet community
DASC-repository-submissions community submissions to the repository and resource library
DEI.Consulting.Services-RFP Mailing list to administer the DEI Consulting Services RFP
DNS-Error-Reporting To discuss the idea of resolvers reporting errors to agents, appointed by authoritative servers
DNSSEC-Deployment-Metrics-Research-RFP To administer the DNSSEC Deployment Metrics Research RFP
dnssec-security-workshop This list will be added to our CFP for each ICANN meeting so that folks can submit their proposals to present
DNSSEC.KSK.Management.Tools-RFP Mailing list to administer the RFP
EberoServices-RFP Mailing list to administer the EBERO Services RFP
End.User.Survey-RFP Mailing list to administer the End User Survey RFP
Fbsc-members FBSC Members Only
Gac-newgtld-leads [no description available]
GDS-Research-Services This list is for the GDS Research Services team. Staff can email the list with research related questions or inquiries, including, but not limited to, questions related to our Research Request Process and Research Roundtable initiatives.
GNSO-IDN-EPDP-DT GNSO IDN EPDP Drafting Team members
gnso-igo-wt GNSO IGO Work Track members
Gnso-tprst-lead [no description available]
GTLD-App-Lifecycle-System-RFI Mailing list to administer the GTLD Application Lifecycle System RFI
gTLDMktHealthIndexAssessment-RFP Mailing list to administer the gTLD Marketplace Health Index Assessment RFP
gutsystar-pm This will be an internal mailing list for the Gutsy Star Project Management team
HRIA-RFP Mailing list to administer the Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA) RFP.
Iana-expert-announce IANA messages to IESG-designated registry experts
ICANN-Domain-Name-Consumer-Surveys-RFP [no description available]
Icann-eeca [no description available]
ICANN66-Vendor-Services-RFP Mailing list to administer the RFP for ICANN66
icann68-pc ICANN68 Planning Committee
Icann72-pc ICANN72 Planning Committee
ICANN75-Vendor-Services-RFP Mailing list to administer the ICANN75 (Kuala Lumpur) Vendor Services RFP
Icann79-pc [no description available]
Ifr-staff [no description available]
IFR2-team Mailing list for Second IANA Naming Function Review Team (IFR2)
IMRS.Cluster.Africa.Colo-RFP Mailing list to administer IMRS Cluster (Africa) Colocation RFP
IMRS.Cluster.Africa.Conn-RFP Mailing list to administer IMRS Cluster (Africa) Connectivity RFP
IMRS.Cluster.Germany.Colo-RFP Mailing list to administer the IMRS Cluster Germany Colocation RFP
IMRS.Cluster.Germany.Conn-RFP Mailing list to administer the IMRS Cluster Germany Connectivity RFP.
IMRSCluster.Sing.CoLo-RFP Mailing list to administer the IMRS Cluster (Singapore) Co-Location RFP
IMRSCluster.Sing.NWConnectivity-RFP Mailing list to administer the IMRS Cluster (Singapore) Connectivity RFP
Internal-Audit-Services-RFI [no description available]
Ispcp-doh [no description available]
ISPCP-Leadership Leadership list for ISPCP Constituency
ITOutsourcing-RFP Mailing list to administer the RFP
KINDNS-Discuss Description: KINDNS Discussions
ksk-rollover Discussions related to changing the root KSK
LAC-Engagement Updates from GSE Latin American and Caribbean engagement team
LACRALO-ga-2023 LACRALO General Assembly Organizing Committee
LACRALOGAtravelers LACRALO General Assembly Travelers
Local-Perspective-Tool Local Perspective Tool work party and next steps
ME-Domain-Name-Industry-Study-2023-RFP Middle East Domain Name Industry Study 2023 RFP
Middle-East Regional stakeholders from the Middle East
NA-Engagement This is an email list to keep the community of North America stakeholders up to date on events, news, and other important updates coming from the GSE North America engagement team.
NARALO-ga-2022 NARALO General Assembly Organizing Committee
NCPH-Intersessional Mailing list for the NCPH Intersessional Meeting
Ncph-team14 [no description available]
ncsg-dns-abuse-wg NCSG DNS Work Party mailing list
Networkequipment2020-rfq Mailing list to administer the Network Equipment Refresh 2020 RFQ
NetworkEquipment2022-RFQ Mailing list to administer Network Equipment Refresh 2022 RFQ
Newgtldprogram [no description available]
NomCom-Recruiting-Services-RFP Mailing list to administer the NomCom Recruiting Services RFP.
NomComChair2021 Call for Expressions of Interest for 2021 Nominating Committee Chair and Chair-Elec
Nordics Email list for the Nordic stakeholder community
NTFY-gnso-igo-wt GNSO IGO Work Track members
OFB-WG Operations, Finance and Budget Working Group
Operating.Model.Study-RFP Mailing list to administer the Operating Model Study RFP
Planning-Prioritization-Group Public email list for members and observers for the Planning Prioritization Process
PR-Agency-RFP Mailing list to administer the PR Agency RFP This mailing list will be used to administer procurement trainings.
PTI.SOC2.SOC3.Audits-RFP Mailing list to administer PTI SOC2 & SOC3 Audits RFP
Rds-whois2-implementation-shepherds [no description available]
Rogue-RSO Rogue RSO work party and next steps.
RPM-IRT Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPM) Implementation Review Team (IRT)
RPMs.Survey-RFP Mailing list to administer the RFP
Rr-Data-Escrow-Services-rfp Mailing list to administer the RR Data Escrow Services RFP
RRA Registrar Stakeholder Group
RrDataEscrowServices-rfp Mailing list to administer the Registrar Data Escrow Services RFP
RSSAC028.Implementation-RFP Mailing list to administer the RSSAC028 Implementation RFP
RSSACReview-RFP Mailing list for the RSSAC Review RFP.
RSSGWG [no description available]
RZUPStudy-RFP Mailing list to administer the Root Zone Update Process Study RFP
SE-Staff-Augmentation-RFP Software Engineering Staff Augmentation RFP
ServerEquipment2020-RFQ Mailing list to administer the Server Equipment Refresh 2020 RFQ
Servers2022-RFQ Mailing list to administer Server Equipment Refresh 2022 RFQ
ShippingandLogistics-RFI Mailing list to administer the Shipping and Logistics RFI
ShippingandLogistics.RFP mailing list to administer the RFP
sift-abuse-measurements The SIFT DNS Abuse Measurements mailing list is a public mailing list used for discussion of trends and techniques to measure and report DNS abuse.
SIFT-General The SIFT general mailing list is the main home of ICANN SIFTs. It is a public mailing list used for discussion of emerging internet identifier technologies and trends.
Ssac-dns-abuse-wp [no description available]
ssac-env-scan Mailing list for the environmental scan work
Ssac-internaltld-wp [no description available]
SSAC-Routing-Security-WP Mailing list for a work party to work on Routing Hijacking/security issues
SSAC-RZ-EWS-WP Mailing list for a work party on the Root Zone Early Warning System
Ssac-ssr-wp [no description available]
SSAC-SubPro-WP Work party to discuss the Draft Final Recommendations and what ssac wants to comment on
SSACReview-RFP Mailing list for the SSAC Review RFP
SSAD-ODP-RFI Mailing list to administer the SSAD ODP RFI
ssr2-implementation-shepherds [no description available]
SubPro-IRT Mailing list of the Subsequent Procedures Implementation Review Team
Subpro-irt-asp [no description available]
Subpro-irt-rsp [no description available]
Subpro-irt-rst [no description available]
SubPro-ODP Publicly archived list to which community members can post input, ask questions, or request information from ICANN Org's SubPro ODP team.
Support-Application-Review-Panel-rfp Mailing list to administer the Support Application Review Panel (SARP) RFP
TechnicalComplianceMonitoring-RFP Mailing list to administer the RFP
The-Grant-Program-RFI Mailing list to administer The Grant Program RFI
The-Grant-Program-RFP Mailing list to the administer The Grant Program RFP
ua-li The mailing list of the Universal Acceptance (UA) Local Initiatives Working Group
Uac-mailing-contacts-subscribe [no description available]
UI-Mob-WP Unaffiliated Individuals Mobilization Working Party
ws2-ccg Public mailing list for the WS2 community coordination group

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