[CCWG-ACCT] Recommendation 11, 2/3 board threshold, GAC consensus, and finishing

Paul Rosenzweig paul.rosenzweig at redbranchconsulting.com
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Mr. Brunner-Williams

As I said before, perhaps not clearly enough for you, I have no view on the
matter.  The IRP (that you seem to want to ignore) did, however, have a
view.  I would not want to attempt to summarize it for fear of not doing it
justice.  Indeed, the entire opinion is worth reading.  If you read that and
do not think that the IRP concluded that GAC had acted improperly, so be it
... but no fair reading of the opinion could interpret it that way.


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Mr. Rosenzweig,

You are advancing the thesis "the GAC has never interfered with anything is
categorically wrong". 

Personally, I expect every AC and SO to participate in some aspects of
policy development and implementation. Why you view the involvement of the
GAC in policy development and implementation as interference does not
interest me.

However, in support of your thesis you pointed to the GAC's issuance of an
objection to the DCA Trust application.

Ignoring some IRP, the process and outcome of which is of no interest to me,
and whether anyone projects their idea of "fairness" into the Board's action
on this, or any other application, just what must public bodies do when a
private party asserts a speculative claim on an aggregate of public bodies?

This isn't a trick question or somthing that requires a great deal of
intelligence -- what did the GAC fail to do -- in your view -- prior to
arriving at a view on the merits of the DCA Trust applicaiton for the string

Your claim is something improper occured, exactly what was it?

Eric Brunner-Williams
Eugene, Oregon

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