[CCWG-ACCT] Creative solutions for Rec.11

Malcolm Hutty malcolm at linx.net
Mon Feb 1 09:11:15 UTC 2016

On 30/01/2016 12:33, Kavouss Arasteh wrote:
> /*are you serious?*/
> */DO YOU WANT TO sUBORDINATE ONE community ( GAC) to another Community (
> GNSO) ?/*
> */I am sorry that is totally out of question and discusion./*

Dear Kavouss,

Your reaction saddens me.

I set out what I was trying to do quite plainly: to find some
alternative offer to the GAC that would strengthen their role without
unbalancing the decision-making process as the 2/3 rule does.

I don't believe that what I suggested would subordinate the GAC to the
GNSO, but enable it to influence GNSO policy more effectively. Nor would
it change the GAC's role at all on other matters.

If this suggestion does not meet with your approval, I hope you might
come up with an alternative. Because the division over the 2/3 rule is
quite destructive.

As I see it, if the vote tomorrow overrides the GNSO objection and
imposes the 2/3 rule I see two alternatives:

1. The NTIA recognises the lack of support on this from the community
most affected by the main focus of ICANN's work, and kills it, and
transition with it; or

2. The rule is imposed despite GNSO objections, and ICANN begins its
post-transition life constituted on a basis opposed by GNSO. Far from
being seen as "more accountable", the perception will be that an opaque
process (this CCWG) overrode the community objections expressed a year
ago, and reiterated this winter. This will seed in the GNSO lasting
distrust of both the GAC and the ICANN structure as a whole.

Maybe governments do not see a serious problem in imposing a new
settlement without consent: they are after all used to exercising their
sovereign authority. But in a multistakeholder organisation like ICANN,
this is a poisonous beginning to the new era.

I can only pray that other Members, even those who do not worry too
greatly about the 2/3 rule for its own sake, have the wisdom not to vote
to impose it over the heads of the GNSO objection.


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