[CCWG-ACCT] Recommendation 6 and a way forward to include compromise text suggested by the Board

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Feb 5 02:30:15 UTC 2016


I hve no issue with accepting the Board's compromise.  It is not m
prefered wording but it is sufficinet.

Since we have accepted the Board's changes to the Recommendation, I
request that

> Maintain the openness of the Internet.
> N/A

Be fixed to indicate that Recommendation 6 is instrumental to the
promise to maintain the openness of the Internet. 


On 04-Feb-16 14:12, León Felipe Sánchez Ambía wrote:
> Dear all,
> After the thorough and fruitful discussions held throughout the
> various plenary calls, we have finalized Recommendation 6 yesterday.
> However the Board also proposed a significant compromise which seems
> to have gathered acceptance from many in our CCWG community involved
> in the development of Recommendation 6.
> This seems to be the best approach to achieve a compromise as it seems
> that it is something most can live with and few really like.
> As such the co-chairs will recommend this compromise by the Board be
> accepted by the CCWG as its new consensus position on Recommendation 6
> at the next meeting of the CCWG on Tuesday February 9 12:00UTC.
> To facilitate your consideration of this prior to that meeting we are
> attaching two documents to this email:
>   * The first is a list of Recommendation 6 from the Third Draft, the
>     current language accepted for the supplemental report and the
>     Board compromise language. It also includes a red line of the
>     supplemental language vs the Board compromise. Finally it analyses
>     the changes of the supplemental language vs the Board compromise.
>   * The second is a draft of Recommendation 6, as finalized for the
>     supplemental report, with a red line of the changes needed to
>     include the Board compromise.
> Thanking you in advance for your understanding and spirit of
> compromise we look forward to any comments you might have on the
> proposed way forward.
> Best regards,
> León, Thomas and Mathieu
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