[CCWG-ACCT] Time to make a decision (was Re: Responses to Rafael's Questions)

James Gannon james at cyberinvasion.net
Sat Feb 6 19:16:34 UTC 2016

I have to agree with Andrew on this, this is a topic we can debate for weeks on end. We need to move forward.


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>On Fri, Feb 05, 2016 at 09:31:03PM +0000, Perez Galindo, Rafael wrote:
>> For that reason, I believe it should be very carefully analyzed and assessed, from an implementing and legal POV. Such a decision cannot be taken in a rush, without considering its consequences and possible side effects.
>I agree it should be carefully analysed and contemplated, but that
>analysis and contemplation should take place before the next call not
>dedicated to Rec. 11 (my calendar seems to think that's Tuesday).
>The CCWG needs to come to a close and ship something -- even a report
>out that there's no solution would be better than more delay.  There
>is simply no more time to dither.  The transition (or its failure) is
>waiting on this CCWG's output.  The operational communities need to
>know what their next available range(s) of action will be.
>Moreover, if the GAC really cannot accept this proposed compromise, it
>seems at least to me that the hope of any compromise ever being
>reached is roughly zero.  Therefore, the CCWG members should vote on
>something and move on.  I vastly prefer consensus, but in the
>community where I usually work we would have declared this consensus
>rough some time ago and closed the discussion.
>Best regards,
>Andrew Sullivan
>ajs at anvilwalrusden.com
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