[CCWG-ACCT] Recommendation 6 and a way forward to include compromise text suggested by the Board

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Mon Feb 8 13:10:49 UTC 2016

Bruce makes a fair point.  The SOs and ACs may wish to put forth different
"members" in an HR context (or in other WS2 contexts), assuming the
member/participant dichotomy is preserved in that context.  Or the SO/ACs
may wish to continue with the same "members" viewing them as general
arbiters (as they have been) and not actors dedicated to particular points,
in which case continuing the CCWG would be most appropriate.


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> Hello Tijani
> >>  - The Board seems to feel strongly that it would be advisable
>         I would like Why it would be advisable for Board
> From a bylaws perspective - we felt that the Chartering organisations
> should have the option to split some of the work stream 2 topics into
> separate CCWG's with perhaps different membership that is most interested
> and/or skilled in the topic.
> As Alan and others have pointed out though - we still envisage that each
> CCWG should have broad participation from multiple SOs and ACs and
> basically have the same ability for open participation as the CCWG on
> accountability.
> I could imagine that some participants of the CCWG on Accountability would
> become members of a CCWG on human rights and attend every meeting, and some
> members may become participants (and monitor the mailing list and attend
> when available).
> The CCWG on Accountability still remains as an option to do all the work
> in work stream 2 - it is up to the  chartering organisations to consider
> how best to manage the work.   All we are doing is creating some
> flexibility.
> Regards,
> Bruce Tonkin
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