[CCWG-ACCT] Proposed Timeline for Finalization of CCWG WS1 Report

Mathieu Weill mathieu.weill at afnic.fr
Wed Feb 10 12:59:39 UTC 2016

Dear all, 


As discussed on the CCWG-Accountability call yesterday, we have put
together a proposed timeline outlining the phases of our work to finalize
the WS1 Report. We plan to share this timeline more broadly with the
Chartering Organizations, the CWG-Stewardship, and the ICG, so that these
groups can plan their approval schedules as well. 


Please note that the three last dates are in square brackets since they
have yet to be confirmed by the dependent parties. We discussed these
dates during a Transition Program Facilitation meeting yesterday (the
recording is available
en> here), but we wanted to differentiate them from the dates for which
we, in the CCWG-Accountability, have direct control over. We will also
offer the Board an opportunity to submit a statement confirming that gaps
have been addressed, since this may be useful to the Chartering
Organizations as they consider the final report. 

*	10 Feb - Complete editing of major sections (staff, leadership,
legal counsel)
*	11 Feb - Finalize text, cross check and assemble draft package
*	12 Feb - Draft completed, final package review and ready for CCWG
Leadership Team review. Staff will send the package to CCWG Leadership
Team and CCWG Legal Counsel by 2200 UTC. 
*	15 Feb - Incorporate edits from CCWG Leadership Team and Legal
*	16 Feb -  Staff will send draft package to CCWG for 48 hr review
*	17 Feb --- Minority Statements due so they can be incorporated
into report. If the Board wishes to submit a statement or comment
confirming that gaps have been addressed, then this would be the due date
for that statement. 
*	18 Feb --- v4 draft finalized and sent to Chartering Organizations
(this will include publication on the ICANN website and associated
*	[25 Feb --- CWG-Stewardship sign-off letter delivered to
Chartering Organizations]
*	[8 Mar --- Sign-off by Chartering Organizations at ICANN55 in
*	[10 Mar --- Hand over from ICANN Board to NTIA]

Please send through any comments on the proposed timeline, and let us know
should you have any suggestions or additions. 



Thomas, Mathieu, Leon 

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