[CCWG-ACCT] CCWG - Recommendation 9 - Final

Bernard Turcotte turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 00:31:22 UTC 2016


As of the close of the comment period
​ for Recommendation 9
 no comments had been received.

Therefore this recommendation is
​ ​
considered final.

Given there were no changes from the legal review version this will not be
re-submitted for a final legal review (lawyers will review the complete
package when it is completed).

Clean version attached.

Thank you.

B​ernard Turcotte
ICANN Staff Support for CCWG​

On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 9:23 PM, Bernard Turcotte <turcotte.bernard at gmail.com
> wrote:

>> Per the request of the co-chairs we are publishing the final draft version
> of  Annex 9  for comments by the CCWG.
> This version is the version produced by legal counsel as distributed last
> week with the added edit of removing the term Participants as per the Board
> request.
> You will find attached 2 documents, one with track changes (staff and
> legal) and the other a clean version.
> The comment period for the CCWG will run from 02:00 UTC Tuesday 9 February
> and will close at 02:00 UTC Thursday11 February - providing the 48 hour
> comment period.
> Please make your comments via email to the full CCWG list and use the
> following subject line to identify your email as being a comment on this:
> *CCWG - Recommendation ​9 - Final draft for CCWG comments*
> ​ or simply reply to this email.​
> Comments will be compiled in semi-real time by staff
> ​.
>>> Thank You.
> ​​
> B​ernard Turcotte
> ICANN Staff Support for CCWG​​
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