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Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Feb 18 23:41:48 UTC 2016

Based on the timestamp on this message, can I 
presume the 48 hr deadline is 19 Feb at 21:09 
UTC. Or are we being given a period of grace until 23:59?


At 17/02/2016 04:09 PM, Thomas Rickert wrote:
>Dear CCWG-Accountability,
>We wanted to inform you that the revisions have 
>been made from the comments that have been 
>received from the lawyers, several community 
>members, and from the 16 February call. These 
>have been incorporated into the sections that 
>were noted. The graphics are being revised and 
>will be placed in the final version of the text 
>per the suggestions that have been submitted to date.
>The revised sections have been posted at 
>for your final review. We have also posted a 
>documents that tracks all the comments — and 
>subsequent changes made — between the 12 February and 17 February documents.
>The schedule presented on the 16 February call 
>that we are following to conclude our current 
>work on Work Stream 1 has been updated.
>12 Feb — Report sent by 22:00 UTC to the CCWG 
>Leadership Team and CCWG Legal Counsel for 
>review with all materials posted on the Wiki 
>for everyone to view.
>15 Feb — Report updated (if needed) to 
>incorporate edits from CCWG Leadership Team and Legal.
>17 Feb— Report sent to CCWG for 48-hour review 
>(and posted on the Wiki at 
>To ensure that all comments from our CCWG 
>Leadership Team and Legal counsel were 
>accurately incorporated for the full group 
>review period, distribution to the CCWG was 
>updated to 17 Feb. To maintain the 48-hour 
>review period, all subsequent proposal 
>finalization dates have been extended one day. 
>All other dates have been retained.
>18 Feb at 17:00 UTC – Minority statements due 
>for incorporation into Final Report.
>19 Feb – Final Report sent to Chartering 
>Organizations for consideration and approval.
>Once the Final Report is in the hands of your 
>organizations, these are the expected dates for 
>the final steps, as we discussed on the 
>Program Facilitation call this past Tuesday:
>25 Feb – CWG-Stewardship sign-off letter 
>delivered to Chartering Organizations, then to ICG.
>By 9 Mar at the latest – Sign-off on Final 
>Report by Chartering Organizations at ICANN55 in 
>Marrakech (in time for the Board to consider).
>10 Mar – Public Board Meeting and hand over from ICANN Board to NTIA.
>Based on the updated schedule, minority 
>statements must be submitted no later than 18 
>February at 17:00 UTC to allow for the final 
>supplemental proposal to be produced and ready 
>for distribution to the Chartering Organizations on 19 February.
>If you have any questions about our timeline or 
>suggestions for our process, please let us know how we can assist.
>Mathieu, León and Thomas
>CCWG-Accountability Co-Chairs
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