[CCWG-ACCT] Carve-out issue

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Feb 19 19:11:17 UTC 2016

Thank you Sam.

At 19/02/2016 02:05 PM, Samantha Eisner wrote:
>Hi Alan,
>I write as staff liaison to the CCWG, based on my understanding of 
>the Board's position.  Thank you for the request for 
>clarification.  The Board still supports the compromise that it 
>presented earlier to the CCWG, and so your point 1. ("They are 
>sticking to their previous statement which I understood to mean 
>accepting the "carve-out", but not the reduction in the threshhold 
>to remove the Board. That stays at 4 (and requires unanimity) unless 
>there is a successful IRP"). is the correct understanding of Steve's note.
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>Date: Friday, February 19, 2016 at 10:30 AM
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>Subject: Re: [CCWG-ACCT] Carve-out issue
>I need some clarity from the Board.
>I can read Steve's message in two ways.
>1. They are sticking to their previous statement which I understood 
>to mean accepting the "carve-out", but not the reduction in the 
>threshhold to remove the Board. That stays at 4 (and requires 
>unanimity) unless there is a successful IRP).
>2. They are now withdrawing their previous position and rejecting 
>the carve-out excluding the GAC from participating in Community 
>Powers exercised in response to Board action/inaction over GAC advice.
>At 19/02/2016 12:37 PM, Greg Shatan wrote:
>>It is alarming that a few GAC members could seek to undo a 
>>carefully balanced compromise.  And even more alarming that those 
>>few GAC members could so quickly trigger a Board intervention.
>>The carve-out is balanced against the concerns of other 
>>stakeholders with regard to (i) the proposed supermajority 
>>threshold for Board rejection of GAC advice and (ii) the GAC's 
>>overall role as a decisional participant in the Empowered 
>>Community, rather than its traditional advisory capacity.  The 
>>carve-out itself underwent a compromise, requiring the Community to 
>>go through an IRP before exercising the power of Board recall.
>>When one pulls on one end of a compromise, the other end tends to 
>>move as well.
>>Do other stakeholders need to send countervailing warnings?  Will 
>>the Board respond as quickly? Do we want to find out?
>>I think this extraordinary response to a minority report should 
>>serve as a warning to us all.
>>On Fri, Feb 19, 2016 at 12:22 PM, Kavouss Arasteh 
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>>Please kindly confirm and acknowledge recipt of wanrning message
>>2016-02-19 18:10 GMT+01:00 Kavouss Arasteh 
>><<mailto:kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com> kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com>:
>>Dear Co-chairs
>>You have seen the concerns of 11 Governments which would certainly 
>>be echoed by other gouvernements soon.
>>If there is no consensus means there is no consensus ,
>>We could not favour one community in disfavouring another one.
>>Perhaps it was hoped that the people could join the consensus but 
>>it does not come up as such
>>If a mistake has occurred we should repair it .
>>Howmany times we have changed our concept from Voluntry Model to 
>>Sole member from Sole Member to Sole designator .
>>Pls do not rush to publish the report as being sent to the 
>>chartering organization just hold on for few more days untill your 
>>26 feb. calls
>>Try to find out some solution including going back to the initial 
>>stage of REC. 11 without no carve-out and with two options of 
>>simple majority and 2/3 theshold  and rediscuss that.
>>You can not ignor the growing concerns of several governments and 
>>would certainly be further grown up soon
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