[CCWG-ACCT] A message from the Co-Chairs

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Feb 21 17:55:15 UTC 2016

"...let's just go back to the drawing board and start over shall we?"

And if that message were being sent strongly by 
the CCWG chartering organizations, then perhaps 
it is exactly what we should do.

But the official voices of those organizations 
are not the ones that I am largely hearing here.


At 21/02/2016 11:07 AM, Paul Rosenzweig wrote:

>I agree completely with Eberhard (except for his 
>personal characterization of the 
>Co-Chairs).  But he is completely right that 
>having declared a Consensus for the Co-Chairs to 
>now allow this matter to be reopened is not good management.
>For myself, if we are going to reopen previously 
>agreed consensus, I will push to reopen the following:
>1)      Change from Single Member to Single Designator
>2)      GAC advice gets a 60% threshold
>3)      ACs allowed in the Empowered Community at all
>All of those are things that I’m unhappy 
>with.  So if the Board gets to intervene at the 
>last minute and reopen this (thus destroying the 
>timeline), let’s just go back to the drawing board and start over shall we?
>Paul Rosenzweig
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