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Dear Kavouss,

I've said a number of times I don't mind the outcome either way. Because of
that I don't hear, or make, strong arguments in favour or against any

Because of that, I tend to favour not changing the report if we don't have

I honestly believe that the circumstances in which this power would be used
and this lower threshold available are so unlikely, that it would only ever
happen in a state of shocking conflict. And since board members are usually
quite rational, I also believe that if the Board allowed things to get that
bad, they would probably be thinking of resigning anyway.

Or to put it another way - I don't think we have a problem here that needs
fixing by changing the report.


On Monday, 22 February 2016, Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com>

> Dear Jordan
> Re your last message relating
> to the removal if the Board in case of  no IRP, i am not still convinced
> by yr argument .
> Why not ,exceptionally require 4SO/AC for that case.
> Such exception, could help to 1) satisfy Board, s concerns and 2) could
> help other participants be more comfortable that in the absence of IRP the
> 4 SO/AC support will prevail and thus be more comfortable to accept the
> Carve-Out
> Regards
> Kavousd
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> On 22 Feb 2016, at 10:41, Jordan Carter <jordan at internetnz.net.nz
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> Thanks Hillary for this.
> All, in prep for our call on the 23rd, I thought I'd extract and post the
> exact wording from Annex 2 about the carve out thresholds that seems to be
> at the centre of the discussion. Here they are:
> Quote from Annex 2 - para 72 and bullet:
> - - -
> The CCWG-Accountability also recommends that in a situation where the GAC
> may not participate as a Decisional Participant because the Community Power
> is proposed to be used to challenge the Board’s implementation of GAC
> consensus advice and the threshold is set at four in support, the power
> will still be validly exercised if three are in support and no more than
> one objects,with the following exception:
> Where the power to be exercised is recalling the entire Board for
> implementing GAC advice, the reduced threshold would apply only either (1)
> after an IRP has found that, in implementing GAC advice, the Board acted
> inconsistently with the ICANN Bylaws, or (2) if the IRP is not available to
> challenge the Board action in question. If the Empowered Community has
> brought such an IRP and does not prevail, the Empowered Community may not
> exercise its power to recall the entire the Board solely on the basis of
> the matter decided by the IRP. It may, however, exercise that power based
> on other grounds.
> - - -
> I read this as establishing a threshold of three SOs/ACs in support to use
> the Board recall power in only two situations:
> 1) if IRP held that Board acted inconsistent with bylaws
> 2) if IRP is not available
> Otherwise the threshold would remain at four SOs/ACs in support.
> I cannot think of many circumstances where the IRP is not available, since
> almost any action of the Board could be tested against the bylaws through
> an IRP.
> If an IRP finds in favour of the Board, the threshold would remain at four
> SOs/ACs in support.  Yes, it breaches the principle of unanimity being
> never required, but it does so after a thorough investigation by an IRP
> process. (If there is no such investigation, i.e. no IRP available, then
> the lower threshold applies.)
> Seems fine to me.
> Speak with you all in ~18hours...
> Jordan
> On 22 February 2016 at 16:14, Hillary Jett <hillary.jett at icann.org
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>> Hello all,
>> As requested by the co-Chairs, staff has made available the updated Core
>> Proposal, Annexes and Appendices as they were prepared after comments
>> received from the 17 February posting in anticipation of a 19 February
>> distribution of the proposal to the Chartering Organizations. They can be
>> found on the wiki here (https://community.icann.org/x/iw2AAw).
>> These documents are *not* final, however have been made available for
>> preliminary review. Any discussions on the list from 19 February to now are
>> not reflected.
>> Thanks,
>> Hillary
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