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My further responses inline

Dear Becky

Thank you very much for your replies.

However, I feel we should separate intentions from facts in such replies and/or clarifications.

In this regard, although only 0.1% (in your estimation) of the instances the carve-out would apply are those where the Board decision is consistent with the Bylaws, the fact is that the carve-out rule makes no such distinction, correct?

Correct, that distinction is not made in the context of any of the community powers and was not made in the GAC carve-out context until the Board’s recent intervention.

As to the participation of any other SO and AC on both tracks, I kindly asked to confirm a fact (that any other SO or AC may fully participate, with the only exception pf the GAC). I infer that you are confirming it, right?

Yes, I think that’s perfectly obvious Jorge.
(Reasons for doing so are something different and have been discussed and no full agreement found to date if I dare say so.)

thanks again and regards


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