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Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
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why are you wasting your time explaining the concept of accountability?


On 2016-02-23 15:27, Edward Morris wrote:
> Disagree.
> There are formal requirements for participating in the CCWG. Members
> notify the secretariat. They must have a SOI on file. They are then
> listed as a participant on our website with links to their SOI. It's a
> minimal requirement, but a necessary one if we are to be a truly
> responsive and transparent organisation.
> Part of what's going on here is a bit of a culture class, between the
> old backscratching 'we all know each other' world of internet governance
> and, as Avri correctly put it, the more "formalistic" approach. This is
> not a hobby, it is a multimillion-dollar international corporation.
> Fadi did a fantastic job of professionalising the management of this
> company. If this corporation is to be granted independence the community
> needs to make similar progress.
> There are rules and procedures and they need to be respected. If not,
> next poll you can expect me to invite 1,500 of my nearest and dearest
> Facebook friends to the meeting. Actually, no, because I respect the
> process too much to do that but if the stakes are high
> enough  eventually someone will. Then what?
> Best,
> Ed Morris
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> Dear All,
> Once again ,some distinguished colleagues started to open another heavy
> and extensive correspondence in regard with " participants" .Who ever
> attending a call and is not formal Member appointed by chatering
> organizations is PARTICIPANT.
> Dear Co-Chair pls rule out such an unneccessary discussions
> Regards
> Kavouss

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