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As I mentioned in the call last night, before any final announcement is made, I would hope that we could get explicit clarification and commitment from the Board that, if the GAC cannot decide or chooses not to become a decisional participant, that the Board would support lowering the thresholds for exercising all EC powers to avoid the requirement for SOAC unanimous support to exercise those powers.

I am concerned that the Board’s position on the GAC carve-out reference Board recall, could/would be equally applied to the above situation. I believe now, before a final decision is made, is the time to clarify that matter.

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Without even bothering to register as Participant.


On 2016-02-23 15:36, Nigel Roberts wrote:
> I'm also puzzled as to how Board Members, and the CEO, can simply pitch
> up and pitch in, late in the game.
> On 23/02/16 13:27, Edward Morris wrote:
>> Disagree.
>> There are formal requirements for participating in the CCWG.
> There are indeed
>> It's a minimal requirement, but a necessary one
> The fact that the requirement is minimal is no excuse for dispensing
> with it extrajudicially. In fact, it's no excuse at all, since if it is
> minimal, anyone who wanted to be Participant has a very low hurdle.
> No gerrymandering, please.

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