[CCWG-ACCT] January Activities of CCWG

Kavouss Arasteh kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 21:43:28 UTC 2016

Dear Co-Chairs
Just to be more efficient
Board's comments on CCWG Recommandations  should be prioritized in the
context  of their concerns
Some Recommendations have been almopst agreed .
Some others invloves comments which may be easily replied as they may be
stemmed from misunderstanding or requiring clarifications
Some others contain major Board's concerms  which shouild be more carefully
In view of the above, I suggest that the Co-Chairs pick up those which are
more contested and rclear them to the extent agreed.

2016-01-01 15:49 GMT+01:00 Kavouss Arasteh <kavouss.arasteh at gmail.com>:

> Dear Co-Chairs,
> dEAL aLL,
> happy New year to all
> I wish to refer to my previous message ,part of which, is reproduced below
> ,with some additional elememnts.
> We need to take ICANN Board's comment serious ,read them carefully and
> examine, analyze,discuss and reply to them one by one as appropriate.
> 27 Pages of comments deserves to be carefully examined .I have not seen
> any plan on how you wish to do so:
> On piublic comments , I have not also seen any plan on how we examine them
> neutrally and not on defensive or offensive fashion.
> Number  and duraion of a call must be discussed and agreed uopn.
> 3 hours of call is totally inefficient?
> We need to   establish a clear time mangement plan to study all comments
> including those of ICANN Board
> We should not RUSH .There is no  definitive deadline , We have only an
> objective deadline.
> If some people rush, CCWG MUST not rush.
> Our reputation, prestige and valuses are at stake.
> We need to have an overarching agenda and also detailed agenda for each
> meeting available for comments in advance
> Pls kindly reflect on my suggestions
> Regards
> Kavouss
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