[CCWG-ACCT] The Internet's design and ICANN responsibility (was Re: GPI)

Paul Rosenzweig paul.rosenzweig at redbranchconsulting.com
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At last, something everyone can agree on.  The question then is HOW?  How do
we set up an accountability system that confines ICANN to this function.
Our chosen method (which I continue to support) is to a) narrowly define the
mission in writing; and b) allow people outside the corporation to invoke a
neutral arbitral mechanism (the IRP) to call the corporation to account
when/if it goes beyond the mission assigned.


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At 04:19 PM 1/2/2016, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>So, I don't think "the global public interest", whatever that means, 
>does anything to help us to understand what ICANN should do.  ICANN 
>should pay attention to its well-understood and needed functions.  It 
>should not go adventuring out into global governance issues that 
>distract from that narrow set of responsibilities.  And it should not 
>embrace language that distracts from the narrow responsibilities -- 
>lest such language become an attractive nuisance that encourages people 
>to think ICANN has power it never has had and (given the design of the 
>Internet) can't get.


Very well put.

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