[CCWG-ACCT] DOCUMENT - Recommendation 4 – Budget (IANA) (first reading)

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Wed Jan 6 17:37:20 UTC 2016

Hi all

I have a couple of comments about this budget stuff -- Asha and Cherine, it
would be helpful if you could consider this before the call on Thursday and
share views there if you can (as the board members that have taken most
interest in this).

*IANA budget - role of operational communities*

On the role of the operational communities in the IANA Budget veto power -
I have sympathy with the Board's position, and as rapporteur for WP1 tried
to spur a discussion on having the decisions made on the IANA Budget veto
by the operational communities. This didn't attract any support in WP1 or
in the CCWG and so didn't go anywhere.

Since the Board submitted its comments, it has become clearer through other
comments that it may be better to stick with the proposal. The IETF has
been clear in its comments that it wants no direct role in the IANA Budget
veto, and the NRO for the numbers community in its comments supported the
third draft proposal (it can participate if it chooses).

Because of this, my recommendation is that we stick with the status quo as
represented in the Third Draft Proposal.

Asha, Cherine: has the Board looked at the comments from the other
operational communities on this, and is it prepared to change its view in

*The other topics*

I support and regard as uncontroversial the inclusion of the CWG
requirements and of caretaker budget detail being an implementation matter.

On the identically worded comments from a couple of people to move the
Budget power for IANA from fundamental to standard bylaws, I don't think we
should move. The whole PTI construct is going to be set out in fundamental
bylaws. This, like all the other community powers, should be treated the
same way.

hope this helps.


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> Please use this email thread to circulate any comments you may have in
> advance of the call.
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